Spring Update

It's been a while since I've posted here and there's been a TON of changes, great changes, I might add! Transcend Healing Massage has finally become a reality. Kerry Lewis and I are officially working together and are combining our visions into one. We are training a couple of great therapists to work alongside us. I am teaching our new therapists massage cupping and ashiatsu. Most of you know how picky I am so rest assured, these therapists are AMAZING. Anthony has done a great job learning ashiatsu so keep an eye out for upcoming ashiatsu specials with him.

In other news, I will be teaching ashiatsu in the Atlanta area for Barefoot Masters starting this summer. My availability is now restricted to my regular clients and their families. I'll post openings as they come available.

Thank you all so much for your business and support. I truly do have the best clients a gal could ever hope for!

Posted on April 27, 2018 .

Better Than Hot Stone Massage....Bamboo Fusion!

As we move into colder weather, receiving a hot stone massage is a natural choice for most people. The heat from the stones helps to melt away tension, warm up tight muscles and ease soreness. That's all well and good, but there is another type of massage utilizing heat but with far more therapeutic effect...Bamboo Fusion. Smooth heated solid bamboo sticks are used to knead away tightness and tension while going deeper to alleviate those those adhesions or "knots". The combination of heat and deep kneading that can be achieved with bamboo is awesome. It's amazingly relaxing with virtually no discomfort. You reap all the benefits of a deep tissue massage while being able to completely relax and de-stress. Curious about this type of massage but not sure you want to commit to a whole session? No problem. When you book your appointment, make a note and I'll be happy to incorporate it into your session. No additional charge of course!

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Ashiatsu: The Ultimate in Deep Tissue Massage




Looking for the ultimate in deep tissue massage? Ashiatsu is the answer! Ashiatsu gets it's name from the Japanese word "ashi" for foot and "tsu" for pressure. The combination of gravity combined with the broad surface of the foot makes for a profoundly therapeutic yet relaxing experience. Because the pressure is spread out over the surface of the foot, clients are able to tolerate very deep and therapeutic massage with consistent pressure. Starting with clean, sanitized feet that are warmed with hot stones, I start the massage on the shoulders while seated. Once the muscle tissue is adequately warmed up, the real work begins! Upon stepping onto the table,  I'm able to leverage my body weight by holding overhead bars and alternate between using one or both feet, always staying within your tolerance for pressure. While just walking or stepping on the body can feel great, nothing compares to the luxurious glide of this style of massage. Often people ask if I can feel the muscles with my feet like I do my hands and the answer is YES! I use all surface areas of my feet, the heel, sole and even my toes to deliver pin point pressure as needed.

So who is ashiatsu good for? It's ideal for anyone who feels that they can't get the pressure the want or need from traditional massage. In particular, athletes are perfect candidates. They tend to have more dense musculature yet strong bodies that can withstand the pressure. Anyone that is into Cross Fit, yoga, running, cycling and yoga would definitely benefit from this type of body work. It's also a great choice for those with back pain and fibromyalgia, This isn't the massage for everyone though. If you've had a recent surgery, osteoporosis, pregnancy, heart issues or heart devices such as a pacemaker then you should not receive this work. Be aware that after an ashi session it is NOT the time to work out, mow the yard, run around with your kid on your back, go on a red eye flight etc. You have to take care of that newly loosened up body!  I recommend taking it easy and staying hydrated for after care. A nice hot soak with some Epsom salts would definitely be beneficial!

I am happy to incorporate ashiatsu into a massage session if you don't want to commit to a whole ashiatsu session. Massage cupping and ashiatsu make for a very effective pain relief session while ashiatsu combined with the flow of lomi lomi makes for a very relaxing yet healing experience. I don't charge additional for ashiatsu. I don't feel it's fair to charge more when your body requires more pressure.  I do a very thorough health questionnaire before your session so we can discuss what will be the best treatment for you on that day. Let me know if you have questions!  teresa@akuawellness.com

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Want to know more about ashiatsu? Click on the photo below!

🍁Fall Changes🍁


Change is in the air folks!


My availability for the Fall will be changing to Tuesday-Saturday. Same day appointments will generally not be available. If you need to contact me regarding availability the best way to get in touch with me when I'm working is by email or text as I'm not able to answer my phone till the end of the business day. I run a small operation so I don't have an answering service and generally people frown on a therapist answering their phone during a session. Believe it or not, I've heard of that happening. The things you guys tell me about some of your previous massage experiences just amazes me! 😆

🍁Gift Certificates

If you are getting a jump on the holidays, I have gift certificates available which may be purchased HERE. Purchasing from my site will ensure your recipient will receive their gift certificate right away via email. If you prefer a paper gift certificate for mailing send a message to teresa@akuawellness.com.


Packages will be available for purchase until the end of this year for existing clients only. With my schedule tightening up, I feel that I'm doing a disservice to those of you on packages when I can't get you onto my schedule when you want. I'm not saying I won't EVER do them again but I will be taking a very extended hiatus from offering them. If you are on the fence about purchasing one before 12/31/16 consider that you get 10% off when you purchase a package and I do allow you to share those with friends and family. Pretty generous, right? Packages start at a quantity of 3 and can be for any length session. If interested, please contact me at 703-473-7338 or email teresa@akuawellness.com.

As always, thank you all for your loyalty and support.

I hope to see you soon!


This weekend is nearly booked. If you'd like to be on the wait list please email teresa@akuawellness.com. The next 2 weekends are nearly filled as well. I have some weekday availability left for this week. Please check with my online booking to see if there is a time that would work for you. As always, pre-booking online or booking your next appointment at the end of your session is the best way to get the time and date that is the most convenient for you.

Thank you all for your loyalty. I really appreciate your business!

Posted on September 15, 2016 .

Staying Connected

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Following me on social media is the best way to know when I have last minute massage openings and extended evening hours. If you would like notifications, consider following me on Facebook by clicking the box below.  Any news and massage specials will be posted regularly. Thanks!

Massage Cupping

  Round cupping marks seen on Michael Phelps occur when the cups are stationed in one spot for a period of time. Massage cupping involves the cups moving over the body resulting in little marking and discoloration.

Round cupping marks seen on Michael Phelps occur when the cups are stationed in one spot for a period of time. Massage cupping involves the cups moving over the body resulting in little marking and discoloration.

Undoubtedly everyone has seen many athletes at the Olympics sporting the telltale round marks from cupping, in particular Michael Phelps.This technique can be an effective adjunct therapy when incorporated into a massage session.
I practice massage cupping, also known as vacuum therapy. Rather than keeping the cups stationary, I use them to glide across the skin, lifting fascia and bringing increased blood flow through trouble areas. It is a very efficient means to warm the tissue, allowing me to work more deeply and therapeutically. When the cups are in constant motion, there is little to no discoloration like traditional cupping. This technique is helpful for many conditions such as IT Band Syndrome and Frozen Shoulder. Curious if it can help you? Let me know the next time you book a session and I will happily incorporate it into your massage. There is no additional charge for massage cupping.


Availabilty for the Weekend

Hi Everyone!

This weekend is fully booked but if you would like to be added to the wait list in case there is a cancellation then please email teresa@akuawellness.com. There are still some appointments available for next weekend August 13th & 14th. As for additional times during the week, if you don't see a time available online please send a request. The only days I absolutely cannot stay late are Mondays and Tuesdays.


Foam Rolling- It Doesn't Have to Hurt

Foam rolling is a very effective way to give your body self care between massage sessions. I find though that a lot of people equate foam rolling with pain. It doesn't have to be that way folks!

The following video is by Ian Harvey of Massage Sloth. I consider him to be the "Yoda of massage therapy". This video was originally made for massage therapists but I figure that everyone can benefit from it. The key is to start slow and listen to your body. If it's too "sharp" try different angles and lifting your body weight off the roller. You might also try foam rollers with different density. To address the IT band you don't have to go crazy on it. Try working the muscles that give it it's tone: gluteus maximus and tensor fasciae latae.


2:06 Foam roller basics (how to get on the thing)
3:21 How to roll out your mid and upper back
4:35 Unilateral back work
5:10 Working on your lateral ribs and scapula
5:57 Rolling out the glutes and low back
8:30 Foam rolling for IT band pain
9:52 Foam rolling for low leg pain (shin splints, charlie horses, plantar fasciitis)


How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Here's a frequently asked question: How often should you get massage? The simplest answer is, "as often as your budget allows." Any massage is better than no massage, but is "once in a while" enough?

If you don't have any specific pain issues then once in a while is just fine. A monthly massage can be an effective part of your fitness and wellness routine, keeping you aware of your body and helping you stay ahead of developing pain and chronic tightness. It can keep you loose for the gym, and it can help you stay aware of your posture as you go through your work day.

If, however, you have specific pain issues, or if you'd like to push back against a problem that has taken a long time to develop (posture-related pain, nerve dysfunction, low mood), then a more aggressive treatment regimen is a good idea. Most research on massage uses one session per week, often for a duration of 12 weeks. When I refer to studies regarding the benefits for physical and mental disorders, I'm talking about those who are receiving regular and frequent massage.

There's a reason for this: Massage doesn't often produce its results from any single session. It's a process of repeatedly interacting with the body in a way that relaxes the nervous system, and that helps it realize that it doesn't need so much tension and guarding. This process can take time.

The positive news is that I've seen excellent results from biweekly massage. If you've got pain or dysfunction that could use some relief, 2 massages per month will likely do you some good. I've seen people have reduced low back pain, headache, TMJ dysfunction, and running-related pain by using this frequency.

That said, there are some circumstances where I do recommend weekly massage. If you've got frozen shoulder, it can help immensely to have someone challenge your range of motion and soothe your nervous system once per week until symptoms abate. If you've got extreme low back pain, a month of weekly massage might be enough to break that cycle of spasm and inflammation that keeps it going.

Needless to say, I'm a big believer in massage. I think that, applied properly, it can make significant changes in people's lives. It is a dose-dependent therapy, however, so the amount of massage that you receive makes a difference. The effects of massage are cumulative. 

What do you think? Have you found that frequent massage has been helpful for you? Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions you'd like answered!

Holiday Gift Certificates

Hi everyone! I am offering gift certificates for your convenience this holiday season. Massage therapy is a great gift idea for everyone on your list. The process is super simple. Just send me an email specifying the length of massage session and the recipients name and I will send an invoice to you that you can pay at your convenience. You can pick up the gift certificate in person or I can email a version to you that you can print for easy gift giving!

Happy holidays!