🍁Fall Changes🍁


Change is in the air folks!


My availability for the Fall will be changing to Tuesday-Saturday. Same day appointments will generally not be available. If you need to contact me regarding availability the best way to get in touch with me when I'm working is by email or text as I'm not able to answer my phone till the end of the business day. I run a small operation so I don't have an answering service and generally people frown on a therapist answering their phone during a session. Believe it or not, I've heard of that happening. The things you guys tell me about some of your previous massage experiences just amazes me! 😆

🍁Gift Certificates

If you are getting a jump on the holidays, I have gift certificates available which may be purchased HERE. Purchasing from my site will ensure your recipient will receive their gift certificate right away via email. If you prefer a paper gift certificate for mailing send a message to teresa@akuawellness.com.


Packages will be available for purchase until the end of this year for existing clients only. With my schedule tightening up, I feel that I'm doing a disservice to those of you on packages when I can't get you onto my schedule when you want. I'm not saying I won't EVER do them again but I will be taking a very extended hiatus from offering them. If you are on the fence about purchasing one before 12/31/16 consider that you get 10% off when you purchase a package and I do allow you to share those with friends and family. Pretty generous, right? Packages start at a quantity of 3 and can be for any length session. If interested, please contact me at 703-473-7338 or email teresa@akuawellness.com.

As always, thank you all for your loyalty and support.

I hope to see you soon!