Better Than Hot Stone Massage....Bamboo Fusion!

As we move into colder weather, receiving a hot stone massage is a natural choice for most people. The heat from the stones helps to melt away tension, warm up tight muscles and ease soreness. That's all well and good, but there is another type of massage utilizing heat but with far more therapeutic effect...Bamboo Fusion. Smooth heated solid bamboo sticks are used to knead away tightness and tension while going deeper to alleviate those those adhesions or "knots". The combination of heat and deep kneading that can be achieved with bamboo is awesome. It's amazingly relaxing with virtually no discomfort. You reap all the benefits of a deep tissue massage while being able to completely relax and de-stress. Curious about this type of massage but not sure you want to commit to a whole session? No problem. When you book your appointment, make a note and I'll be happy to incorporate it into your session. No additional charge of course!

Book online today. I can promise you'll be glad you did!