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Ashiatsu: The Ultimate in Deep Tissue Massage




Looking for the ultimate in deep tissue massage? Ashiatsu is the answer! Ashiatsu gets it's name from the Japanese word "ashi" for foot and "tsu" for pressure. The combination of gravity combined with the broad surface of the foot makes for a profoundly therapeutic yet relaxing experience. Because the pressure is spread out over the surface of the foot, clients are able to tolerate very deep and therapeutic massage with consistent pressure. Starting with clean, sanitized feet that are warmed with hot stones, I start the massage on the shoulders while seated. Once the muscle tissue is adequately warmed up, the real work begins! Upon stepping onto the table,  I'm able to leverage my body weight by holding overhead bars and alternate between using one or both feet, always staying within your tolerance for pressure. While just walking or stepping on the body can feel great, nothing compares to the luxurious glide of this style of massage. Often people ask if I can feel the muscles with my feet like I do my hands and the answer is YES! I use all surface areas of my feet, the heel, sole and even my toes to deliver pin point pressure as needed.

So who is ashiatsu good for? It's ideal for anyone who feels that they can't get the pressure the want or need from traditional massage. In particular, athletes are perfect candidates. They tend to have more dense musculature yet strong bodies that can withstand the pressure. Anyone that is into Cross Fit, yoga, running, cycling and yoga would definitely benefit from this type of body work. It's also a great choice for those with back pain and fibromyalgia, This isn't the massage for everyone though. If you've had a recent surgery, osteoporosis, pregnancy, heart issues or heart devices such as a pacemaker then you should not receive this work. Be aware that after an ashi session it is NOT the time to work out, mow the yard, run around with your kid on your back, go on a red eye flight etc. You have to take care of that newly loosened up body!  I recommend taking it easy and staying hydrated for after care. A nice hot soak with some Epsom salts would definitely be beneficial!

I am happy to incorporate ashiatsu into a massage session if you don't want to commit to a whole ashiatsu session. Massage cupping and ashiatsu make for a very effective pain relief session while ashiatsu combined with the flow of lomi lomi makes for a very relaxing yet healing experience. I don't charge additional for ashiatsu. I don't feel it's fair to charge more when your body requires more pressure.  I do a very thorough health questionnaire before your session so we can discuss what will be the best treatment for you on that day. Let me know if you have questions!

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